Saturday, October 28, 2006


Calm before the storm. Literally. Winds are suppose 24, gusting to 46 mph at 8am tomorrow when the marathon starts. Holy cow. Am I snake bit? I ran a marathon in March where the high (79) was 19 degress above average for the day.

What should I do? I'm just going to run by heart rate and hope for a good place. 3:40 last year was ~1450. The year before when it was hot, 1450 was ~3:50. The hard part is figuring where to start. I probably shouldn't line up with the 3:40 pace team, but if I line up too far back I'll be caught in the crowds. Plus I'll be passing people forever and won't have good drafting opportunities. How much does drafting help? If I can stick with the 3:40 pacer, will that help me? Can I stick with him?

Argh. Too much worrying. New plan. Run smart. Have fun.

Start with the 3:40 pacer since that's probably the right position if not the right time. Follow my heart rate. Look to draft (3:40 pacer if I can stay with him). Run for position, not time. Wind is an opportunity. It's one more variable and means more people won't run smart.

Weighed 163 this morning.

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