Thursday, October 12, 2006

plantar fasciitis -- I'd try voodoo if I thought it would work

Rest day today. Thinking about my wounds....

I was mildly thrilled at the effect of tape on my foot, but it's been short-lived. Perhaps the lack of hills at the same time is what helped? Maybe it was just healing from the less intense runs after the half-marathon.

Anyway, I've gone all new agey in a desperate search for a cure to this scurge. I've read pain free as I said before, but haven't really followed through after the foot circles caused pain in my legs. I'm now reading ChiRunning.

The reason I bought ChiRunning was that it helped in an indirect manner with my knee pain. I'd seen posts about it online and the posture it suggest, which involves picking up the feet more than I do. I think this is what I was thinking of when I altered my stride downhill to help my knee. After buying the book I see that it suggests this for heavy heel strike.

Tonight I did one of the mirror exercises where you close your eyes and try and to assume a good posture and then open your eyes. I found my right foot turned out (which I've known about) and my right shoulder lower than my left (which I didn't realize). This reminds me of pain free's discussion of asymmetric postures and muscular dysfunction. Maybe there's something to all this? Or maybe everybody's like this and it's just a way to sell books.

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