Friday, October 13, 2006

8 miles

out, around lake a, and back. Cold! (33 degrees). Wore shorts and short sleaves. Brrr. 1:23 and change and avg hr of 136 bpm.

Last downhill on C pkwy on the way out, I tweaked my knee. I think I let my guard down and felt that a little less exaggerated kick would keep the knee safe. Well, it didn't. Felt like a couple of day setback on healing it but I was able to finish the run OK.

I think there's something to this asymmetry thing. I haven't written about my slightly pulled left groin (?) that I've had since at least the HM. It comes and goes, every once in a while making me shudder. Anway, I noticed today that if I conciously force my right foot to be parallel, the same groin(?) muscle on the right side become engaged and the "outside" part of my right hamstring becomes disengaged. This is the same hamstring muscle that I seriously pulled 2 years ago that sidelined me for 2 months. I wonder if I've been running with the wrong (weaker) muscles on the right side, causing stress on my left side.

At the end of races, I'll notice myself slouched to the right, gutting it out. Just running today, I find it much easier to bend my torso right than left.

I should run something flat (like the track) tomorrow.

wc 7-3

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