Tuesday, February 27, 2007

week of 26 February

Mo - 0
I felt sore on Sunday night as I have for weeks, so I decided to sleep in.

Tu - 5.9
Despite a day off, I was still sore, but less so. I decided to run 2 neighborhood loops. Did them right at 10 min/mi and my heart rate was pretty low. 131 for the first lap and 138 for the second. I'm struggling for why I've been so sore. A few factors I can think of: 1) residual soreness from the slightly higher mileage and races; 2) too much time on the treadmill; 3) rotating out my more cushioned wave creations for the wave riders and some on the wave precision; 4) I believe I've lowered my cadence back to where it was. I worked on #4 a little today and I think I felt better. Something also clicked about my form. When I was picking up my right knee a little more and trying to run more fluidly, what I was doing was keeping a balanced rhythm between my left and right legs -- equal time. Normally I tend to abbreviate my stride with my right leg I think. The right one is the one with the turned-out foot.

We - 10.5
1:53:01/135. 10:49 min/mi! Ran to work very slowly. Took 4+ extra minutes on the less than half a mile through the lake because of ice. Even after that I just kept it slow. Hit some lights for a couple of minutes but didn't sweat it. Just covering the miles. Not sure how much I'll do tomorrow. Running around the lake is out of the question. 2 to 3 loops around the neighborhood probably. I'll see how I feel. I plan to run to work on Friday.

Th - 5.86
58:50/138. Considerably worse than Tuesday. Lots of alibis though. I have a chest cold (feels like I'm ripping something out of my lungs when I hack up something). I had a rest day before Tuesday instead of running 10+ miles. I also think the mucinex I took might be affecting me. I've wondered if the Nyquil I took in the days leading up to my disappointing MCM could have contributed.

Fr - 10.5
1:56:43/139. Just when you though I couldn't run any slower! Chest cold is pretty bad. Took about 4 minutes (2 tries) to cross some knee-deep icy water crossing the spillway. After I got to the other side I noticed my alarm was going off and my heart rate was 150. From my log it looks like I peaked at 168! Anyway quite sick, this was purely a transportation run (cover the distance to get to work).

Sat - 4.68
48:29/133. I did one and a "half" neighborhood loops. I was and am sick and wanted to make sure I was recovered for my "hell or high water" 18-miler on Sunday. I have done a run >15 in three weeks and the marathon is only 9 weeks away. Anyway, my "loop" is really a bowtie and I stopped at the "knot" on the second loop (same as the starting point). Per gmap-pedometer.com the distance was 2.93 + 1.75 = 4.68..

Sun - 17.9
3:08:47/140. 10:34 min/mi. This was my "hell or high water" run. Just get my sick butt to cover the distance somehow. I went very slowly, trying to stay under 135 on the way out, which was hard because I had lots of hill and was running straight into 20mph winds gusting to 30. (Starched flags pointing straight at me.) Keeping everything slow though I felt remarkably good though and just jogged along enjoying the music on my shuffle. On the way back I had the wind at my back for half and then it moved to my 9 o'clock with a lot of stiff gusts coming from my 11 o'clock. That's not fair. Anyway, I just grinned and beared it as I took a left into the sustained winds for the last mile.

Shaking the soreness from the weeks of 60 miles with races was the goal and despite being sick I'll say I accomplished that.

55 miles
wr10-1 147 + 50 = 197
wp6-1 23 + 5 = 28

Monday, February 19, 2007

week of 19 February

[I want to be Ed Whitlock in 40 years, but for now I'd just like his form.]

Mo - 9.41
1:35:00/136 on the home treadmill. I'm thinking of going back to the consistent 80+ minute runs and forget about the 1, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 3 idea.
Tu - 11.2
1:53:01/141. Holiday Inn express out and back. Left groin quite sore at the start.
We - 9.7
1:36:29/136. Holiday inn express out and back (but didn't add the additional ~1.5 miles). I think My form really clicked about 10 minutes into the run. I started running quieter and more fluidly. I believe I was picking my right knee up more and holding my upper body more upright. Anyway, it seemed like my heart rate dropped 3-4 beats keeping the same pace. My pace was nearly identical to yesterday, but my heart rate was much lower. On the way out, I did 49:13/134 (on the watch) compared to yesterday's 49:04/138. I think these 100 minute runs are doing me a lot of good. It feels like I just start to get a little tired after ~85 minutes which is the time my everyday lake A route takes. Maybe I need to stretch that day to day distance, and weekly long runs don't do it (like peddling in too high a gear). Ed "the man" Whitlock does 2-3 hour daily runs at MP+2 minutes. I think he's on to something.

Th - 8.18
1:20:25/137. I believe residual fatigue has built up, which is what I was shooting for. I had the normal 1hr+ tired feeling about 30 minutes in, so if felt harder than my heart rate showed. Anyway, pace/heart rate was still good. I kept up my form. I'm not sure whether I should be leaning forward a bit to push out the back more, which also keep the knees from lifting as much.

Fr - 0
Flew back from the west coast and I've learned not to try and run when doing that. My quads are sore about 6 inches above my knees. Is this from lifting my knees more?

Sat - 8.3
1:23:13/138. Wasn't the usual 8.3. I found out Lake A was unrunnable and continued on Greeley back home and then did a neighborhood loop. Legs kinda sore. I'm not sure about doing 18 tomorrow.

Sun - 13.7
2:30:00/134. Did 7 minutes in the slushy snow and retreated home to the treadmill when it kept filling the heel of my shoe, which felt like running on rocks. I finished on the treadmill in a dreadfully slow pace. I could only stomach 2:30 on the treadmill, so I stopped early. This is two weeks in a row with no long run. I *really* need to get back in the swing next weekend.

60 miles
wp6-1: 23 miles (new shoes - wave precision 6)
wr10-1: 110 + 37 = 147

Friday, February 16, 2007

week of 12 February - my first DNF

Mo - 5.9
2 nbhrd loops
Tu - 8.3
lake A lollipop in the snow -- slow and beautiful
We - 7.6
home treadmill -- snow turned to ice
Th - 8.5
more ice, more treadmill
Fr - 3
still icy, sore from treadmilling, and have a 10K tomorrow
Sat - 10K
Pulled hamstring (or lower back of leg above knee) after two perfect miles (6:54 and 6:58 with 6:55 goal pace). Ugh. My first DNF. This is the same injury from the end of the 5-miler two weeks ago. I thought it was gone since I haven't felt it at until until about a half mile into this race. At mile two, I could tell I was doing damage. I had several grab the back of the leg and hop funny moments before I threw in the towel. Mileage was a little over 2 plus a 1 mile jog back and an 18+ minute warmup. Call it 5 miles.
Sun - 10.9
Slow run all over the place. Snow, ice, etc. to slow me down and make me change my route. Leg felt OK at the slow speed. I cut it off at close to 2 hours (and almost 11 min/mi pace!).

49 miles (lowest in forever)
wr10-1: 72 + 38 = 110
wc7-3: 440 + 11 = 451

Saturday, February 10, 2007

week of 5 February

I decided to try and replicated the marathoning start to finish basebuilding approach by doing 7 days this week (no rest) day and following a 1, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 3 pattern. My "unit" was about 6 miles. The week went like

Mon - 6 miles (treadmill - snow)
Still quite sore from the 5 miler

Tue - 6 miles (treadmill)
Still sore.

Wed - 12 miles (treadmill - 7 degrees outside)
The soreness was gone and this wasn't as bad as I'd expected with thanks going to Tivo.

Thu - 5.9 (2 nbhrd loops)
Surprisingly sore in the hamstrings. I think the treadmill had me altering my form.

Fri - 11.7 (ran to work)
I added a 1.25 mile loop to the run to work to get it to 11.7 miles. I ran this harder than my usual slog and got there in 1:50:04/148 (9:25 min/mi). The top of my left foot hurt when I started. I thought my shoes were tied too tight, but that wasn't it. It went away, but I felt it later on the downhills.

Sat - 5.9 (2 nbhrd loops)
My heart rate was quite high for the pace. 56:35/145. Leading up to marine corps I did this loop in 56:07/140, 55:55/139, and 56:05/141. I'm probably just tired from yesterday's effort.

Sun - 17.9 (lake b lollipop)
The mileage for the week (and the harder than usual effort on Friday) caught up with me. At ~1:40, I got the "I'm getting tired" feeling I usually get at 2 hours and my heart rate was near 160 in the last mile or so (I probably picked it up some though). I can't complain though as this carryover effect was basically what I was looking for. The top of my foot hurt again at ~1hr and then later it hurt sharply, but briefly, at ~2 hrs.

I'm considering running a 10K on Saturday. I said I wouldn't but there isn't a good option until 2 weeks before Cherry Blossom. I was hoping to do a 5K the week before Cherry Blossom and 3 weeks in a row isn't good. Anyway, I've got a year old 10K PR of 47:21 that needs trouncing. If you believe the calculators I could do just under 43 minutes based on my 5-mile time.

If I do the 10K, the week could look like 6, 6, 12, 6, 6, 10K, and 18. Not sure where to put the 12 yet though (Tue or Wed).

65 miles (most ever by a mile)
wc10-1: 13 + 59 = 72
wc7-3: 434 + 6 = 440

Sunday, February 04, 2007

another week, another race

Mon - 0 -- no sleep, no run
Tues - 8.3 -- usual lake a route
Wed - 10.5 -- ran to work
Th - 8.3 -- usual lake a route
Fr - 5.9 -- 2 nbhrd loops (too icy to run to work)
Sat - 18.4 -- 4 lake b loops
Sun - 7 -- 2 mile warmup + 5-mile race in 34:41

Total: 58 miles
wc10-1: 0 + 13 = 13 (new shoes this week)
wc7-3: 389 + 45 = 434 (need another pair to alternate with)

5 mile race

Well, 18 miles on Saturday is not the optimum taper and I felt it as I approached mile 3. The back of my left leg felt really tight and it felt like I was straining it. My 6:47 4th mile was followed by a 7:12 closing mile as I eased up on my leg. Time was 34:41 (25 seconds slower than two weeks ago) on a similarly hard course (maybe a little easier b/c not as many turns). My average heart rate was only 182 though? I average 182 in the NCR half marathon. I think it's hard to get my heart rate up when I'm tired. I saw this at a 10K a year ago when I was in the midst of the hard Pfitz training and only average 176 but a reasonable time for my condition.

It might be time to dance with the one that brung me and go about upping and possibly slowing my training miles back to strictly below 145 -- 7 days a week, run to work twice a week (extending to 12 miles), and no races. Trying to maintain this when on travel is going to be very tough though. I'll pick racing back up at the end of March and maybe run a tune-up 5K prior to my goal 10 miler.