Saturday, October 21, 2006

9 miles easy + 3.5 @ marathon pace

out, around lake a, and back in 1:22:57/141.

ran to track (0.25 miles) and did 1 lap (0.1 miles) to get up to marathon heart rate -- 0.35 miles/3:30/146bpm

did 2 laps 1:31/169. Seemed way too fast hit lap button figuring I'd settle in.

Now a bunch of 0.5-mile splits running loops around the track and keeping at 170 (HR limits at 168-172).

3:58/170 (log will say 4:01, but I hit the button late)

That's 7:50 pace??? This seems unfathomable, but mcmillan prediction of 8:02 pace based on my half marathon. At first, I thought the pace seemed ridiculous, but in the last mile or so I settle in and thought that this seemed semi-reasonable for the middle of the marathon.

Of course I won't have weather this good. It was 40 degrees during this test.

Total for the day was 12.35 miles, 1:55:38/149

wc 7-3

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