Tuesday, June 26, 2007

week of 25 June

Mo - 4.1
Nbhrd loop and a half.

Tu - 10.3
lake A + spur. Missed the turnoff for the flagpole and guessed the extra. Worst wx all year. 70/69.

We - 4.5
Ridgecrest, CA. 4.5 mile out and back from the hotel. 64/27 (low dew pt. It's the desert!) and about 70/27 at the end. (High that day was 102.)

Th - 11.0 miles
Did the same 2.25 out. Then did three total loops around a block that's right at 2.00 miles around. One of the streets was a gravel road. I did half the block (out + half = 31:24@132) then did a "tempo" of sorts for a full block (16:27/153, 8:14 pace), jogged one street (4:42/144), did another full block tempo but a little faster (15:13/166, 7:37 pace, was low 170s after plateauing), jogged one street (4:28/155), and then went back to the hotel a different route (2.75 miles, 25:27/146).

Fr - Rest
travel back from CA

Sa - 3.46
running late for a swim meet so I added a little extra to one nbhrd loop

Su - 18.4
Felt good to do this. Ran it the way I did in the spring (although not quite as fast). Humidity was low, but it was fairly warm. 70/52 at the start, 76/49 at the end. Felt my hamstring on the 3rd and 4th laps, but it wasn't bad. It seems like the lower mileage, but more intense Benji plan is helping my leg. I also used the 172 bpm podcast for working on my stride during the 3rd lap. I need to do that more often. I swam in the evening with the kids and a few laps. Maybe 15 minutes of getting my heart rate up.

Feel like I'm coming around this week.

51 miles
wp 7-1 234 + 16 = 250
wp 7-2 85 + 35 = 122

Monday, June 18, 2007

week of 18 June

Mo - 4.7
1.5 nbhrd loops. Very warm, but decent pace at 9:37 min/mi. HR was OK too I think. I felt my hamstring/calf a little in the last 10 minutes though. I also felt it some in the last hour yesterday. I felt like I ran very upright for some reason. Could it be the crunches? Doesn't seem possible. wp7-2

Tu - 9 miles
Ran the Lake Hodges trail. From the hotel 2.4, wrong way and back on trail .5, out and back on trail 3.7, back to hotel 2.4 for 9 miles. The trail part was run pretty hard for only 10mm. I did the distance on gmap, but there were lots of twists and turns, so who knows if it's right.

We - 9.5 miles am, 3.3 miles pm
From the hotel 2.4, wrong way and back on trail 1.0, out and back on trail 3.7, back to hotel 2.4 for 9 miles. Down at shelter island in San Diego bay, I did basically a slow "lap" around the island at 10:30 min/mi. My first double. Not a bad way to do it!

Th - Rest
travelling back from west coast

Fr - 8.3
Usual Lake A loop. I was a little rambunctious with some good weather and got to the lake in 21 minutes, but my hamstring *really* tightened up after 30 minutes. Crap. I slowed down and made it home. I'm paying from my exuberance in San Diego I'm afraid.

Sa - 4.1
Slow neighborhood loop. Running while trying to keep my right foot from splaying took the pressure off my "outer" hamstring and calf.

Su - 13.8
I didn't want to push it and run 18. I did this at a a pretty high heart rate though. 44:34/137 (9:41), 43:08/148 (9:23), 41:10/165(!) (8:57). 9:21 min/mi @150 over a short distance. Obviously this is quite pitiful. Felt the hamstring the whole time, but the non-splaying of the foot seemed to help. This is basically the same injury I DNFd the 10K for back in February.

What seemed like a turnaround week ended up as a setback. I'm not sure what to do at this point. More long, slow distance or go back to Benji, but with modest/no speed (i.e. short slow distance). I think I might need those back-to-back short days on Fr/Sa to get back to form, but I'll have to suffer some low 50s weeks with no speed.

53 miles, 8h26m (9:36 avg)
wp7-1: 186 + 48 = 234
wp7-2: 80 + 5 = 85

Monday, June 11, 2007

week of June 11

Mon - 5.86
2x nbhrd loop *really* slow. 10:12 min/mi. 132 bpm average. wp7-1

Tu - 8.3
good old lake A lollipop. Weather was good (65/55) and I was motivated to run a wee bit faster than recently but still low heart rate (avg 140). I also felt my hamstring a "wee bit" too. Time was 1:19:24 (9:34 pace), so it's good to be below 10mm again. Good run. wp7-2.

We - 10.5
Ran to work. wx 64/61 - 65/63. More humid than yesterday, but I felt OK. Right at 10mm again, but probably 9:40-9:45 if you exclude stop lights. Set HRM alarm to 145 and average 136 bpm. Maybe I'm turning a corner? Weighed 158-3/4 on drs scale at work. Exactly the same as on 4/30. Hamstring was fine. Felt it just a tad in the last mile or so. wp7-1.

Th - 4.7
1.5 nbhrd loops. 9:45 min/mi @135 bpm.

Fr - 10.5
Ran to work. Very nice day. 57/53. I was motivated by the weather and ran a little faster, but still a pretty low heart rate. 9:17 min/mi @141 bpm. Got very lucky on the stop lights. wp7-2

Sa - 2.9
I debated running at all since my legs felt pretty heavy. I settled on just one nbhrd loop. 9:52 pace. HRM was whacky until the last 5 minutes or so.

Su - 18.4
Four lake B loops kind of in the style of the marathon build up. Very similar avg hr (148 today versus 149 then), but a lower first lap and a higher last lap. 9:33 pace. Felt very good. Impossible to compare to the spring since it was much warmer. 66/61 - 79/62. I think it was a good run considering the temps. I also didn't feel my hamstring until the last lap and then it was only a little tight. Had a cold water bath and for the first time did some core conditioning exercises. wp7-2

61 miles, 9h51m
wp7-1: 165 + 21 = 186
wp7-2: 40 + 40 = 80

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

week of 4 June

Mo -4.1
wp 7-1

Tu - 10.7
Ran to work. Took alternate route b/c of the rain, but started on my old route and added two tenths in the confusion. hamstring started to tighten up. wp7-2 (New shoes. Same model. Why does blue feel better than lime green?)

We - 6.15
c-g loop (4.35) + 0.05 + half nbhrd loop (1.75) = 6.15. 1:01:54/135. That's 10:04 pace. There were also at least 90 secs of traffic lights (it's about 9:45 if the lights were 1:54). The nbhrd loop was unobstructed 16:52/140 (9:38 pace). The reason for the improvement over the recent dismal runs has to be the weather. Temp/dp was 62/58 rising to 65/56. Hamstring was still there, but I didn't make it worse.

Th - 10.5
Ran to work by the usual route. Utterly fantastic morning weatherwise. 57/53 at the start and 63/57 at the end. Right at 10 min/mi and averaged 138 bpm. I think I just need to get used to 10mm. Maybe next summer I can run.

Fr - 4.7
nbrhd loop and a half

Sa - 8.3
Lake A loop. 137 bpm. 10:21 min/mi. My, I'm slow.

Su - 18.4
I wanted to make 4 loops without hurting my hamstring, so I'll say mission accomplished. I didn't want to push it and let the "run" come to me. I didn't want to get out of first gear though. Laps were 49:18/128, 49:27/130, 50:05/135, and 44:32/155. I picked it up and felt like I was racing the last one. 155 bpm for 9:40 pace? What's the matter with me? At least I got in 63 miles this week. wp7-1

63 miles, 10h45m (most distance and especially time in a while)
wp6-1: 409
wp7-1: 146 + 23 = 165
wp7-2: 40
wr10-1: 335