Tuesday, October 24, 2006

6 miles

2 times nbhrd loop.

lap 1 28:04.3, 28:03.6. How's that for pacing?

I think I raced it a little bit (but still below MAF). I was probably wanting to see how I did compared to the spring. It was also cold (long sleeves and tights for the first time).

I looked at the logs and last time I did 6 was April 14 when I did it in 59:04/140. Today was 56:07/140. That's a pretty big improvement. 9:35 min/mi vs 10:05 min/mi at the same heart rate.

Still it's only 30 secs/mi. My last marathon was 9:09 min/mi. 8:39 min/mi is 3:47. Ah, who knows? I'll just run by heart rate.

I'm going to write my heart rates from my last marathon (with a little smoothing) on my pace band. If I run those, I shouldn't get in trouble and I was pretty evenly paced last time.

I weighed myself last night and I was 163, which is low for a night time weight. I'd been used to seeing that in the morning after runs (and have occasionally seen 162 then). This morning I weighed myself after my run and I was 161! I don't think I could have been dehydrated. I had my water bottle on my desk and drank religiously. Anyway, I figure I was 168 at Cherry Blossom, maybe 166 at Annapolis. 164-165 at the half? Now maybe 163??? 5 pounds could account for a fair bit of that 30 secs/mi (more than half?). I was hoping to use those pounds to get faster after I improved my aerobic system. Oh well, plenty of room for improvement still.

wc 7-3

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