Sunday, September 15, 2013

weeks of 2 and 9 September

Just run, baby.  I gave up on the complexities of my diet and running schedule.  Yes, I wimped out -- but, in a good way?  Right?  The one thing that's always worked for me is lots of miles.

The week of Sept 2nd didn't quite pan out that way:  4.8, 7.1, 0, 7.8, 10.3, and 2.5 for 41 total.  All of it easy.  I was planning on 18 that Sunday but just didn't feel like it.  Ugh.

The week of 9 September, my kids' winter swimming starts, which means that I'm getting up at 4am to get them to 4:30 practice.  I decided to do 10 mile every day Mon - Fri since I'm up anyway.  The practices are by some nice trails.  All of this was slow.  Around 10:00 miles except without my headlamp when it was much slower (but felt much faster).

  • Monday.  10.2 @ 9:52 on roads.  Practice was cancelled.  The pool wasn't filled, so came home and ran on road.
  • Tuesday.  10.3 @ 10:59.  No headlamp.  4:30 well before sunrise and lots of leaves on the trees.
  • Wednesday.  AM.  8.1 @ 10:06.  Still no headlamp, but I ran as fast as I could on the less shaded sections.  PM.  2.0 @ 10:26 on treadmill.  (actually 6mph, but footpod mis-calibrated)
  • Thursday.  10.2 @ 10:09.  Finally with the headlamp.  New Garmin 410 screws me on distance on the trails.
  • Friday.  10.5 @ 10:17.  Had headlamp, but took a wrong turn that added some distance.
  • Saturday.  4.7 @ 9:47 on road.  Thought I should take it easy before long run.
  • Sunday.  17.7 @ 9:44.  Gorgeous weather.  57 at start.  70 at end.  This is at least 18 miles.  Do not like the Garmin 410 for trails.  Friend measured with calibrated bike at 4.57 per lap.  FR305 said 4.50.  FR410 says 4.39.
  • Total:  73.5 miles.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

week of 26 August

Schedule calls for 4 hard runs plus one of the "easy" runs is 120 minutes?  Oh, and don't have hard runs back-to-back.  Kinda tough, especially if you figure Monday comes after a long run day.  I made things worse by taking my off day on Tuesday because of work/life.  I was faced with the 4 hard days plus the 120' in the last 5 days of the week.  I think I mixed them as well as possible but ended up running 51' easy on Friday and cutting out one of the workouts.  Here's how it went
  • Mon.  46' E1.  10:00 on treadmill watching Breaking Bad
  • Tue.  Off.  Didn't get any sleep and had to leave early for meeting.  Schedule has off day each week.  I took it today.  There are also 4 workout days, so back-to-back easy days is not ideal!
  • Wed.  7.26 miles.  16' E1 + 20:02  E3 + 2' recovery + 10 x (45" E4 + 15" rec) + 16' E1
    • ran at track.  20:02 covered 4200 meters  (7:40 pace -- was very constant)
    • Took about 9 minutes into E3 for HR to reach 170, which is a bit higher than marathon HR 9 minutes into a race, but was up around 179 after 20, which is near HM heart rate.
      • It was 72 degrees and 100% humidity
    • My cadence was 90-92 strides/minute.  OK, I have a fancy foot pod.
  • Thur.  8.20 miles.  16'E1 + 8x(3'E3|1'E4|1'R) + 16'E1.
    • fast part was out and back on hunter village and cross county back path with first 5' downhill
    • turned around at 20' and ended up exactly where I started after 20' on way back.
  • Fri.  51' E1.  4.69.  10:55 pace.
    • legs sore.  No way would it be a good idea to do the fast stuff today
  • Sat.  120'  E1.  12 miles 10:00 on treadmill
    • 2 episodes of The Wire
    • pretty sore still
  • Sun.  3 hours.  15 miles.  3' walk/7' run alternating 3mph (20:00) and 6mph (10:00) on treadmill
    •   3 episodes of The Wire
    • was worried after yesterday, but no problem
    • slow and not that far, but point is time on feet
  • Total:  51.4 miles.  8h58'
  • Weight:  169.8.
Getting legs sore with MPish cruise intervals followed by good old fashioned LSD seemed like a good enough plan.

Not doing well on the diet.