Sunday, October 15, 2006

18 miles

4 laps around lake B. Maybe it's just because I didn't have to do 20, but that seemed like the easiest 18 I've ever done. It was also one of my faster 4-lappers. And I kept under 145 the whole way! 48:50/131, 48:01/133, 47:41/138, 49:56/144. Obviously I was bumping against it the whole way on the last lap. I ended up with a lot of foot shuffling to keep it under. 10:34 pace and 136 bpm average. Cold weather probably helped a lot. It was 38 deg at the start and 55 at the end.

I just about went nuts the first lap thinking about all the ChiRunning stuff I read in that book. Too much to keep track of so I just made sure I kept my foot limp and kept my calves as relaxed as possible since I was worried about my plantar fasciitis primarily. Anway, I think that might have worked. By far the best my PF has felt after an long run in a long time. I think relaxing my foot also might have given the tape the chance to do its job. My legs felt different than normal at the end. I lot less lower leg soreness, but more "upper" leg.

wc 7-3
week: 56 (taper has begun!)
wc 7-2: 330 + 8 = 338
wc 7-3: 48 + 48 = 96

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