Sunday, October 08, 2006

23 miles

a 5-lapper around lake B. In my mind, I didn't commit to doing five laps with my knee, but I felt great and my heart rate was lower than normal after 4 laps. Anyway, this felt easier than the 20 I did 2 weeks ago, and my pace was faster and heart rate lower. Averaged 131 and 133 for first two laps, 137 for third. Bumped upper limit to 150 half way through fourth lap, and 155 on the fifth. Last mile or so, I turned it off as I was around 155. Average was 143 for the fourth and 151 for the fifth lap. Didn't get in the 160s like I did previous weeks and kept 50 min/lap pace (4:09 for 5 laps). Great day. Knee held up with my altered downhill "technique" and walking one steep downhill.

wc 7-2
62 miles
wc 7-2: 299+ 31 = 330
wc 7-3: 17 + 31 = 48

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