Saturday, May 22, 2010

5k with the kids

GotR race is tomorrow, but baby girl can't go, so we did a different 5k today.

Very easy logistics. Next to a commuter lot, so lots of parking close to the start. 9am start (I'd hate the extra temp if it were my race though!). 12 and under were free and they still got ridiculous schwag? The only downside was a long line to get t-shirts/chips. They inexplicably separated handing out bibs from chips and then had you single file in line to get you chip and t-shirt, so someone had to file through and find your chip. I've never seen that before. If they fix that, you could cruise up the this race at the last moment assured of plentiful, close parking. I'd do this again.

OK, now for the race!

Baby girl asked her (daddy) rabbit for 9:30s. We were moving along pretty good and I could hear her breathing. I kept asking if she wanted to slow down but she kept passing people. We finally started to slow down after the first mile. A bit later, we saw big brother who was on his way back telling us we had a long way to go. Thanks!

The early pace was a bit ambitious for her, but she held it together and didn't walk a step! She had plenty in the tank as she took off when she saw the finish about 1/4-mile a way. I started to follow and she said, "Dad, I have to beat you!" She finished a bit under 31:30, which is 3 minutes faster than in the fall. Big brother got in around mid 26:XX (forgot to stop his watch until 26:50), which is 6 minutes faster than the fall I think. He's getting to that age where he can push himself. When I saw him, he looked every bit like he'd run a hard 5k.

catching up - weeks of 3 and 10 May

Week of 3 May

Mo - easy 7.9
Tu - easy 7.9; 2.6 jog pm treadmill
We - easy 7.9; 2.1 jog pm
Th - easy 7.9
Fr - drills 7.2; 2.1 jog pm
Sa - moderate 7.6
Su - easy 12.5
Total: 65.6

Week of 10 May (taper/10k race)
Mo - easy 7.9; 2.1 jog pm
Tu - easy 7.9
We - easy 7.9
Th - easy 7.9
Fr - easy 4.7
Sa - jog 2.1
Su - 10k in 40:22
Total: 46.6

Monday, May 17, 2010

Carytown 10k results

Congratulations on finishing the Carytown 10K on May 16, 2010.
For your records, the weather at start time was mostly cloudy, 65 degrees F, 70% humidity, NE wind 3.5 mph.

There were 110 finishers in the Male 35 to 39 age group and 1528 finishers in the 10K Run Division.

Your overall finish place was 35, your age group finish place was 5 and your gender finish place was 32.
Your time was 40:21.68 giving you an overall pace of 6:30 per mile.

Your 4M split time was 25:55.09, Giving you a pace of 6:29 per mile, Overall place 38, Gender place 35
Your last 2.2 mile split time was 14:26.59, Giving you a pace of 6:32 per mile, Overall place 35, Gender place 32

The results email pretty much sums it up. It was 5+ degrees warmer than forecast and the expected dew point of 49 turned into 55, so it was more humid too. Checking weather underground, the 65 degrees turned into 69 by the end and although it might have been mostly cloudy at the start, the sun was definitely in the holes! So there's my excuse...

Although I ran 18 seconds slower that 3 weeks ago, I really thought this was a better race and I was in better shape. The weather made it much tougher and the course was also more difficult. I was really overheated when I finished and dumped a couple of cups of water on my head to cool down and get the sweat out of my eyes. I'm frankly surprised I ran as well as I did considering what heat normally does to me.

Splits were: 6:25, 6:28, 6:29 (5k at 20:06), 6:31, 6:28, 7:58 (6:34). I ran the first half just about perfect as the race was net uphill for the first half. I wanted to run a negative split, but it didn't quite happen. I feel like I gave it an honest effort.

I got to talk to Bill Rodgers before the race. He was walking around in seeming complete anonymity. I talked to him for probably 3 minutes and I don't think anybody around us knew who he was. He's just as nice as everyone says and seems genuinely interested in you when he talks to you. After he started the race everyone knew who he was and he had more folks around him after the race. I shook his hand again and exchanged a few words (he asked me my time, whether it was a PR, etc.). All in all a good day.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Carytown 10k here I come

I'm driving to Richmond (~90 miles) for a faster course on Sunday rather than run the local Capital Hill classic (note the "Hill" in "Capital Hill"). I think I need help.

At 60 degrees, it's going to be marginal for my Scandinavian blood, but it's supposed to be very dry (dew pt 43). I'm down 2-3 pounds since my sub-40 attempt also, so that can't hurt. I figure this will be my last semi-legitimate chance this year unless we get some really freakishly good weather.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Week of 26 April

  • Mo - 7.7/134/1:08:41
  • Tu - 7.9/129/1:09:22
  • We - 7.9/146/1:04:09 moderate AM; 2.1/18:39 PM
  • Th - 7.9/139/1:10:05 AM; 2.1/19:36 PM
  • Fr - 7.25/130/1:08:42 drills AM; 2.1/20:22 PM
  • Sa - 7.9/130/1:10:47 -- 75 deg humid
  • Su - 13.4/161/1:52:21 workout -- 75-80 deg & 70+ dew point!

  • Wed. Usual moderate run. Eased into it. This was easy end of moderate. Recovery from 10k
  • Sun. 2 mile wup. 3 x 1 mile @160 bpm (80%) w/5' jog rest, 5' jog rest, 1/2/3/5/4/4/3/2/1 @ 10k effort with half rest, 5' jog rest, 6 x 30'' fast relaxed/30'' jog rest. Crazy hot and humid. Started at 76 and rose over 80. Dew point was over 70. I didn't drink at all (haven't put fountains back yet) and was totally wiped. Way overdid it.