Tuesday, October 17, 2006

8 miles

out, around lake a, and back.

tripped on a tree root and skinned my hands. Where are you daylight savings time? Anyway, kept my lower legs relaxed again. Looking good. Thought I had a little chi going as well for a while. A few things I noticed when I though I was doing it right: arms make you go -- elbows out the back, arms farther from my side than normal, leaning fwd I feel like my heads out in front and I'm the driver of a city bus -- engine underneath and I'm looking straight down at the road. When I was chi'ing (or so I thought) and I'd lean fwd, it was difficult to gauge my speed, but my hrm knew and would go off. I don't think it really makes me more efficient, but if it helps my foot, then more power to it. Pace hr ok. not great. 10:07 min/mi, 138 bpm. Warmer today than last couple of runs. It was 53 when I went out.

wc 7-2

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