Wednesday, October 04, 2006

7 miles

my secret park was closed! From the highway I saw a group of soccer fields south of P Blvd that had a path around it. It was concrete and dirt. For the concrete portions I ran on the grass next to it. I had my foot taped for this run. I think it helped.

In the afternoon in the desert, it's hot! I couldn't believe how I crawled around to keep under 145. It says it was 78 but it felt much hotter than that. I actually could see my hr drop when the sun went behind one of the few clouds. I did 12 laps in 1:26:10/143(!). I figure they could have only been about .6 miles/lap. I just checked on gmap and they were 0.61 miles/lap for 7.3 miles. 11:49 min/mi!!!

Run was especially unpleasant b/c I had in and out burger right before. The "out" part was nearly prophetic.


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