Monday, July 31, 2006

5 miles

nbhrd loop. took it easy to recover from yesterday, 4.90, 52:28, 132 bpm avg. Pretty humid 76deg/64 dew pt.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

18 miles

It was supposed to be a warm one today so I got out early for my long run. Same deal as last week. Start slow ~50 min/lap, low 130's HR and keep it slow and low. I also stopped to stretch for probably 4-5 minutes each lap again. I think this has really improved my flexibility and I really told believe it's hurting the value of my long runs. I got a little rambunctious on the last lap, got tired of the beeping and upped the max hr to 170 instead of 166. I'll blame it on the heat.

18.4 miles, 3:17:37 (10:44 min/mi), 142 bpm average

On the week, 57 miles, 9:59:52 (need to run 8 more seconds!)

WC7-1 shoes now at 199 miles.

Friday, July 28, 2006

8 miles

It's sad that I'm happy breaking 1:30 when running my 8.3 mile route (lake A out back and around). Just inside 1:30 today with 1:29:36. Felt like a lot of effort even at low heart rate (avg 135). Again don't know whether it was the heat (76/67 at 5:45am!) or just being tired.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

9 miles

Second verse same as the first (except much slower). Another out and back to the mcdonalds except it was a steamy 75 deg/72 deg dew point at 5:30am-7:00am! 9.00 miles in 1:33:36 (10:22 min/mi). Heart rate averaged 137 bpm. This felt like a lot of effort today and I tried to back off the heart rate. Don't know if it was the heat or that I'm tired.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

9 miles

I was travelling and got up at 5am to get my run in before the meeting. I found a good route. 2 miles to a path that runs parallel to some train tracks. Unfortunately it's concrete, but you can go for miles with worrying about crossing streets, etc. It's also pretty flat. The hill(s) is getting there. Weather was good but not great. Cool at 66 degrees but humid with a 63 deg dew point.

I finally broke 10 minute miles while under MAF! My garmin read 9.05 miles for 1:29:43, which is 9:55 min/mi. Google earth gives 9.00 for the route, so I'm still under at 9:58 min/mi. Heart rate was 139 bpm average. The fact it was flat let me run close to MAF for much of the run, which probably contributed to my better pace.

I screwed up and hit the garmin at the start, but forgot to hit the t6 until about 10 minutes in, so I need to compensate in STraM. (Watch recorded 1:20:19.) I'll prorate mileage in STraM and add a manual entry for the first 9:24.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

8 miles again a little faster than expected

I wonder if the higher heart rate running (8K and sunday long run) gave me a little shot in the arm or if it's just the weather. 8.3 in 1:28:32 (10:41 min/mi) and 137 bpm. Sad that I'm calling that an improvement! It was 70/62 at 5:50 and 71/63 when at 7:20 when I finished so it wasn't super cool.

Monday, July 24, 2006

5 miles

standard nbhrd loop. legs felt good considering 18 yesterday. stopped and stretched at mile 1. Very good weather -- 66F/60F. Time 50:13. Alarm set for 145 and I hit it a few times in the last couple of miles. With the weather I was hoping to crack 50 :-) My average was 136 bpm though.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

18 miles

I realized that as of today I'm only 14 weeks to go for the marathon, so I need to stop messing around on my long runs. I've been ground to a halt after about 14 miles when trying to stay under 145 bpm. I went back to my old method of starting slow for the first lapand then trying to maintain pace, adjusting heart rate as needed. It was basically like my Pfitzinger long runs and I had the alarm set to 166 bpm for the last couple of miles. My splits for each lap (4.6 miles) were 50:23/132, 48:57/137, 49:45/146, 49:55/168. I'm surprised how much my heart rate rose for the last lap. As is my tradition, I think I did the second lap too fast.

The weather was exceptionally good this morning and stayed that way throughout the run. Very cool, but still humid. 68/66 at the start and 71/67 at the finish.

I tried something new. Yesterday my knee was bothering me at about 1 mile, so I stopped to stretch. I felt so much better, I thought I'd do it again today. About 11 minutes in, I stopped to stretch at a bench and then repeated each lap except the last.

That makes 58 miles this week. All on my WC7-1. Need to keep better track. I think I have 142 miles on them now.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

8 miles a little faster than expected

I did a std out, one lap around lake A, and back for 8.3 miles. It took 1:30:21/137, 10:54. Strange to consider that "faster than expected," but I'm desperate. I stayed closer to 145 bpm and ticked over some. I thought maybe it was a little cooler but 76F/69F dew point at 7-8:30am seems pretty soupy. There was a breeze though.

Friday, July 21, 2006

6 miles on a treadmill

Did 6 miles in 1:02:20/137. Pace 10:23 min/mi. OK? It was pretty cool and I had a fan.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

9 miles

2 laps around Lake B in the mid-day heat. 1:50:59/135. Pace 12:03 min/mi!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

7.8 miles at Key West

Watch read 7.64 miles. Ran 9.2 at Lake B which read 9.05 the next day, so I'll call it 7.77? Hardly worth the math :-) 11:58 min/mi, 133 bpm in the Key West morning heat and humidity (7:30am - 9am).

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

8.7 miles

8.67 miles (read 8.53 but wasn't calibrated. adjusted after calibration). Shuffled in the Key West morning heat and humidity for 1:45:02 (12:07 min/mi) and 140 bpm average (let it go to 150 for last 10-15 minutes or so).

Sunday, July 16, 2006

12 miles

Out and back to Lake A with 2 laps around. I picked up a running companion and busted 145 for a bit, but not too bad. Still slow: 2:27:52 for 12.1 miles (12:13 min/mi!) and 141 bpm average.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

8k race

Race was at night. Temp was 75 with a dew point of 74. My chip time was 39:05. Disappointing absolute time, but relatively good I think given the heat and hills. My february 10K was 47:21 which is 7:36 min/mi versus 7:52 here.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

8 miles -- treadmill maff test

Ran on a hotel treadmill. Did a MAF test for fun.

2 mile warmup

Mile 1 08:46
Mile 2 09:13
Mile 3 09:26
Mile 4 09:40
Mile 5 09:44

1 mile cooldown.

It's interesting how I started off much faster but slowed to my outdoor speed at the end. I didn't warmup quite as well (128 bpm avg versus 130 bpm), but that doesn't explain it. I think it might be a heat dissipation problem with no wind on the treadmill.

Edit: Pretty sure these were on my old WC6's. Stuck in bag since the others were still wet.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

12 miles

out and back and 2 loops around Lake A.

My watch was low on batteries and my HRM "unpaired" so I ran without the HRM. I took advantage and ran faster than I should. I took my pulse at the end and it was in the 170s despite my dreadful pace of 10:34 min/mi.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

5 miles

nbhrd loop

Monday, July 10, 2006

8 miles -- maffetone test

I went out the door this morning with no real plan. I realized that with the 8K I'm running on Saturday and my schedule this week, this would be the last chance at a final MAF test before then, so I went ahead. I've added the previous data.

5/13 - 56F temp/53F dew pt.
6/03 - 66F temp/60F dew pt.
6/24 - 70F temp/67F dew pt.
7/10 - 67F temp/58F dew pt.

Warmup (a little over two miles)
5/13 - 21:04/131
6/03 - 22:49/131
6/24 - 22:13/133
7/10 - 22:28/130

Mile 1 09:18 09:59 09:53 09:30
Mile 2 09:32 10:02 10:01 09:32
Mile 3 09:35 09:57 09:54 09:34
Mile 4 09:45 09:59 10:09 09:38
Mile 5 09:52 10:05 10:19 09:45

As you can see, the weather on 6/3 and 7/10 was essentially identical and I was 20-30 seconds faster on each split. It will be interesting to see how Saturday goes. Pacing will be a bit of an experiment.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

16 miles

Did a different route to try and get more time on the trail and less on the pavement. SR to Lake B, 3 laps around, and back for what I'm calling 16.5. My plantar fasciitis was feeling pretty good until I stepped back on the black top for the leg back to SR. Maybe I should just stretch out my long run to 4 Lake B loops -- 18.4 miles. To do that I'm going to have to ignore go up to <150 bpm at the end. I was bumping the 145 and the route went like this
- 15:00/127 out, 49:48/133 lap 1, 48:56/139 lap 2, 52:01/143 lap 3, 16:43/144.

The last lap and leg back I faded in time because I was fighting the 145 alarm. Sticking to 145 seems stubborn at this point. I could just reset the alarm to 150 and finish at the same (slow) pace? Anyway, I think I'm going to run an 8K to break up the monotony next week. It's Sat night which screws up the long run, but I'll do 8 in the am, the 8K (5 miles) in the pm and 8 the next day for 21 on the weekend. Real life will cause me to miss two days this week (Tues and Fri). I'll need 30 in three days to make 50 and keep the streak up. Yikes. I think I can get 10 in on Th morning. Tomorrow was going to be 8. That would leave 12 for Wednesday. I should have time for that.

Ran again with my WC7-1 shoes.

Friday, July 07, 2006

10 miles - ran to work, fantastic weather!

I went the alternate, don't go by the dam because it rained last night, route. 1:49:05. It was the first time I've been below 1:50 in forever. The reason was the unbelievable weather. 61 degrees with a dew point of 51!

I'm not sure I've actually improved since I started MAF, but I'm probably not too much worse and not too much better.
- 5/18, 1:49:23, avg 135/152 max/4:30 above 145, 55 deg/53 dew pt
- 7/7, 1:49:05, avg 138/149 max/7:50 above 145, 61 deg/51 dew pt

Thursday, July 06, 2006

5 miles

It was cooler today, but still humid. Temp/dew point was 67/65 this morning. Time was 51:23. I'm asymptotically approaching my old times. I was actually at 10:29 min/mi. Pitiful that I'm happy with that :-)

Shoes: WC7-1

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

10 miles - ran to work

Ran to work using traditional route. It was very muggy, but I felt like I did pretty well considering. Still slow 1:57:29 (I used to always be 1:50). Ran in my new shoes: WC7-1.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

8 miles

out, around lake A, and back. As hot as July 4th out there. 73/63 at 6:30am and 76/63 at 8am when I was done. 11:25 min/mi. Ugh.

Monday, July 03, 2006

5 miles

5 miles on the nbrhd loop.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

16 miles

I tried to go as slow as I could and see if I could avoid the walk/shuffle at the end to stay under MAF, but I was unsuccessful. Weather was 70 deg/59 dew pt to start and 81/59 at the end. 3:19:04 overall for 15.9 miles. 12:32 min/mi! Ugh. I did manage to keep my times relatively consistent though. Out and around the first lap was 1:11:36. The third lap and back was 1:14:20. ~30 sec/mi slower.