Tuesday, November 14, 2006

9 miles

3 nbhrd loops for 8.79 miles, 1:29:19/135 (10:10 min/mi)

Took it easy because of my injuired calf/achilles thingy.

I think I know what the calf/achilles thingy is now. It's the muscle that is stretched whenever (which is rarely) I do the foot supinator stretch in the stretch book. That involves raising your foot up and out. When I thought about this while running (it's amazing how much more clearly you think while running) I realized that the up and out stretching is what I was getting on Saturday and Sunday when I was riding on the edge of my foot. I wondered if this was normal. Consciously "using" the arch of my foot today seemed to relieve the pressure. Still I got frisky and had some gotcha moments. Strangely after it grabbed me, the pain seemed to shift around closer to my ankle? Weird.

A few things I noticed. I really drop my right should and stomp the ground my right foot. I'm using knee extension to push off. If I stand up tall (hip extension?), my right foot hits the ground without extending my knee and I get what I think is the correct isometric loading for push off. I think anyway. Who knows. This form stuff is an interesting project, but potentially dangerous.

I had hoped to do 9 tomorrow with 6 at marathon pace. Not so sure now.


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