Saturday, November 11, 2006

9 miles

3 nbhrd loops, 8.79 miles,, 1:13:59/160, 8:25 min/mi

In the run-up to my redemption marathon, I'm trying to replicate (somewhat) my weeks leading to the half-marathon. Two weeks before that, I ran a harder than normal 8.3 with my friend C. My average hr was 159. The day after I did 20 (and it was pretty hard at the end).

Anyway, today I did 3 nbhrd loops (didn't run around the lake since I want to work on form too and that's easier on the roads than on a trail).

The HRM was messed up for the first 2-3 minutes. I didn't use salt today. I thought the residual would work but it didn't. The problem was that I didn't realize that it was the HRM was screwed up and thought it was real at first! Bad. I'm going to look into some electrode gel or cream. I got over 170 going at a decent (but not super fast) clip. I backed off some and it jumped down to the upper 130's. I settled in after that and here were the loops times (2.93 miles per loop)
  • 24:55/153 (8:30 min/mi)
  • 24:11/163 (8:15 min/mi)
  • 24:53/162 (8:30 min/mi)
Overall that's 8:25 pace @ 160 bpm average. The last loop is 3:42 marathon pace @ 10 bpm below marathon heart rate. How the hell did I run 3:56?

I believe the problem was overtapering (in intensity especially), too much carbo-loading, and eating too much on race day (1.5 big bowls of Cheerios 4 hrs before the start). The start of the next one is at 9:30, so I'm not sure quite how to play eating that morning. I will eat at most a piece of toast or a clif bar, but I'm not sure I should even do that. With not eating, I'm worried about starting a marathon with my stomach growling. Doesn't seem like a good idea.


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