Thursday, November 02, 2006

6 miles

same 2x nbhrd loop for 5.86 miles.

Colder today (48) and very breezy (stood me up a couple of times). My laps were 28:46 and 28:21. 9:45 min/mi @ 141 bpm. Still about 10 secs/mi slower than last week, but coming back down in line. I think I'll do 6 again tomorrow. Then 8 and 14 on Saturday and Sunday. That would give me 40 for the week. I could do 18 if I felt great on Sunday.

Thought about my form a little. I think I get the "chi thing" when I concentrate on moving my legs with the muscles in front my hips to the very top of my thighs. My glutes (pardon me) become very relaxed. I did a cadence count and got 42 right foots in 30 secs. That's 168 spm, which is what I usually am. Maybe I try the podrunner thing.

wc 7-3

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