Wednesday, November 01, 2006

6 miles -- some marathon graphs

First run after the marathon. Twice the nbhrd loop for 5.86 miles. Quads still quite so, but I did OK. Heart rate was high for the pace and temp (only 54 degrees), but I guess this is a marathon after effect. Laps were still close to eachother (30:06 and 30:15), but I was much slower than last week for the same heart rate. All three 6 mile runs were ~9:35 min/mi and 140 bpm. Today was 10:19 min/mi and 141 bpm. I haven't run the wed after a marathon before. My logs show the Th after runs were OK though. We'll see tomorrow?

I thought this graph of EPOC values was pretty interesting. It shows EPOC from 2 July through the marathon. You can see my races as the big spikes. The long runs are the smaller spikes. Look how tiny the 23 miler is that I took so easy. That left 4 weeks between biggish spiked long efforts. Is that part of the problem. I also had a decent intensity two weeks before the half marathon (friend did a quick 8 mile run around the lake with me).

wc 7-3

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