Thursday, November 09, 2006

9 miles

3 nbhrd loop, 8.79 miles, 1:24:04/143, 9:35 pace

9:35 pace was exactly the same as the week before the marathon. I averaged 141 bpm over the first two laps (only ran 2 week before marathon), which is about what I did then. I was a little higher, but it was about 15 degrees warmer today (56).

Worked on form and ran through the beeper some. Average was 144 on the last lap (same pace as others). I noticed that if I try and point my right foot straight it feels bow-legged and I land on the outside edge. I can also feel it in my outside right shin. I think this is right actually.

Something I need to watch for. When I move my shoulder forward, I think I should be rotating in a plane perpendicular to my spine. If I'm leaning forward, this should be slighly towards the ground. If I naturally throw it forward, I'm pushing up (towards the sky) and wasting my kick by creating upward motion.

laps were 28:15, 27:51, and 27:57.


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