Sunday, November 12, 2006

20 miles

4 lake B laps + the dam out and back for 20.3, 3:26:55/146 (10:12 min/mi pace)

Horrible weather (47 and steady rain), but great run. Think some things clicked with form. Some I'm not so sure about. How tall should I run? Running "tall" seems to make me conscious of driving back with my right foot before it makes contact, but also gives me an ache in my tailbone (maybe I just have weak posture?). How much should I swing my shoulders? I much should I dip when my foot makes contact (running "tall" minimizes the dip). Driving my arm back seems like a great way to make sure I generate power behind me. My PF is bothering me a little more lately (more pushoff?), but my legs have felt *great* after the last two long runs.

I had a moment of transient lightheadedness at mile 13. I took my emergency gel, but I don't think that was it. I was fiddling with my mp3 player and I think looking down and picking my head up might have caused it. Anyway, no more gels after that. Didn't eat breakfast this morning either. Not sure what to do marathon day. No more than a banana or a piece of toast, but I'm not even sure I should have that.

I felt very strong and in control at the end. Best I've ever felt on a 20-mile run. Good day.

I did a little 170 heart rate out and back across the dam. 8:26/170 out and 9:01/170 back. 17:27 over 1.9 miles is only 9:11 min/mi. This includes going over a pretty steep hill (4:30 to go up 30 and down 30 feet) and some insane wind. On the way back I was leaning (seriously) 5-10 degrees to the right and felt like I was running in place.

63 miles
wc7-2: 355 + 20 = 375
wc7-3: 214 + 0 = 214
wr9-1: 43 (I love my new shoes!)

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