Friday, November 03, 2006

8 miles

out, around lake a, and back for 8.3.

It was chilly (33 degrees) and windy this morning, but it was great to get back to the lake. Most of the leaves were on the ground and I was able to see a lot more of the lake as I went around. Plus with the time change, I was able to see a lot more of everything.

For whatever reason, I was pretty fast today. Got to the stop light at 6:11 and to the lake in under 22. Total was 1:21:28 @ 141 bpm. Was it the hard effort last week? Last time I ran this fast was the anomalous Sept 22 (1:18:44/141), which was also the Friday after a pretty hard weekend (fast 8 miles with friend and a 20-miler). I still haven't come anywhere close to 1:18:44. What the hell happened that day? That was also a little over a week before my good half marathon. Sometimes I have to wonder if a few more level 4-5 efforts in there would help me.

Anyway, despite sore legs I'm scheming about how to run all the time and avoid driving after some awful traffic this week.

I don't want to lose training time by a lot of taper and recovery from this next marathon. So the plan is basically no taper. I'm going to treat it like the half marathon. No way would I have run as slow as 3:56 that day even with no taper.


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