Sunday, November 05, 2006

18 miles

4 laps around lake b.

HRM was totally screwy for 11:30 (read 170 instead of about 130). Very frustrating. Anyway, I ran this with more intensity than the last couple of long runs before the marathon. Avg hr was 148. Pace 9:52 min/mi.

47:09/142 (maybe really < 136???)

Rightly or wrongly, I've decided the taper was too much and was exacerbated by a very slow 23 miler that rating a "3" training effect for my last long run 3 weeks out.

Looking at the half marathon. Two weeks out I did 8.3/1:17:35/159 on Sat and 20.3/3:36:21/145 on Sunday. Not sure I'll do 20 next week, but I'll try and get more instensity on Sat or Sun. 10K race?

OK. Today one of the things I concentrated on was form and lots of things seemed to click. Engage front of hips and lower abdomen and feel butt sag (very relaxed). Today I started driving back using hip extension (? -- moving thigh and hips back during drive). I basically lengthened my stride out the back, still not reach forward. Seemed like a real improvement.

wc 7-3
week 74 miles
wc 7-2: 355 + 0 = 355
wc 7-3: 167 + 47 = 214

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