Friday, September 22, 2006

8 miles

Out, around lake a, and back

51 degrees outside! Shattered my MAF land speed record. I cheated slightly though. I stopped my watch crossing the street when I saw it was going to take minutes (normally it's 10-20 secs). I also pushed it a little more than usual in the first couple of miles because of cold weather enthusiasm. This is reflected in the higher average heart rate of 141 bpm. 1:18:44 (9:29 min/mi)

afternoon of June 1st, 89F, 55F dew pt, 13:17 min/mi, 138 bpm avg
morning of Sept 12th, 60F, 40F dew pt, 10:12 min/mi, 136 bpm avg
morning of Sept 22nd, 51F, 49F dew pt, 9:29 min/mi, 141 bpm avg

wc 7-1

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