Tuesday, September 26, 2006

10 miles ran into work

Beautiful weather. Beat my previous best running into work (1:45:16 @137 bpm). Today was 1:42:41 @140. Weather was 60/57 then and a fantastic 52/39 today. Today was comparable weather and heart rate to 4/7 when I did 1:49:05/141 and weather was 51/43. Almost 6.5 minutes faster today.

wc 7-2

What do I do with my last long run? I'm doing the Army 10-miler a week from Sunday (3 weeks out), and I don't plan on doing more than 18 the week after (two weeks out), so that leaves this coming Sunday (4 weeks out) as my last 20+ run. I have run a number of 18-20 mile runs at a very slow pace -- usually 10:30-11 min/mi depending on the weather. I'm wondering whether it would be better to do another slow, but longer run like 23 miles (5 laps around my course) , do another 20 with 5 miles at MP at the end, just do another slow 20, or something else.

My training mpw/long run for the last number of weeks is below.

60/20 (week ending last Sunday)
52/race 10 miles
50/12 (8k race on Sat)

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