Sunday, September 17, 2006

20 miles

4 laps around Lake B + out to opposite side of dam and back for 20.3 miles.

Felt bad the first lap, but fine after that. Amazingly my time was a whopping 10 seconds slower than last week. I did have some *very* high heart rates at the end. From the damn back at the end was an average of 174! And it wasn't fast, ~10 min/mi. A very bad sign for the marathon? I should be average 174 in mile 20 and <9 min/mi pace. I'll hope lower temps, taper, gu, and powerade will help me come marathon day. Weather wasn't that bad though. 67/64 at start and 73/56 at end. I could have been a little tired. Yesterday's 8.3 was faster than normal and called a training effect level 5.

week: 62 miles
wc7-1: 353 + 37 = 390
wc7-2: 195 + 25 = 220

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