Sunday, September 10, 2006

20 miles

4 laps around lake b + out and back to other side of dam -- same as on 8/20.

Good run, good weather 64/57 at the start, 73/55 at the end. It was 3 minutes faster than 8/20 at about the same heart rate, but it was *much* warmer on 8/20 -- 80 deg at end of the run.

I took endurolytes (1 per lap except skipped one lap). This really seemed to help. I probably need one less though as I still have a salty taste. I also did a legitimate ice bath. Two 10-lb bags in about 5 inches of water. I'm afraid this is demonstrably better than just cold water.

shoes today: wc7-1
mileage this week: 64 (a new personal record)
wc7-1: 306+47 = 353
wc7-2: 178+17 = 195

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