Saturday, September 30, 2006

4 miles

I did the maffetone route and jogged on the track with 0.5 mile at half-marathon pace for practice. Total was 4 miles.

The weather this morning was perfect (51 deg). I'm planning to jump in a half marathon tomorrow and skip the Army 10-miler. Now it's supposed to be a chance of thunderstorm from tonight through tomorrow morning and a little warmer (60). I'm wondering how the trail is going to be after a night of rain.

I practice my pace this morning on the tenth mile track to see if I could hit 7:45 min/mi. First two laps at 7:43.5 min/mi, second two laps at 7:48 min/mi, and last lap at 7:49 min/mi. Max heart rate during that was 164. I was at 171 bpm 0.5 miles into the annapolis 10-miler doing 7:56 pace. 25 degrees make a hell of a difference.

I also did a few laps at the end to figure out where maff was today. Looks like 56 secs/lap or 9:20 min/mi. That's what it in miles 3-4 last time, so looks good.

wc 7-2

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