Saturday, September 02, 2006

11 miles

2 laps around lake B plus an out and back to accross the dam (where the SR trail intersects). I'm calling it 11.1 = 9.2 + 1.9 (based on foot pood 2 weeks ago).

Very cool weather (61/60) and lightly raining. I started a little "fast" I think. Maybe the week after the race it's hard to get the shuffle back. Still I averaged only 138 bpm, but it felt a little like work. pace was 10:26 min/mi. For the first time I can think of I forgot to hit the lap button -- after the 2nd lap. First lap was 48 mins. Had been doing about 50. I'll make sure I go very slow tomorrow. I'm pretty resolved to not do more than 4 laps (18.4). I'm coming to believe 20 milers are overrated, but maybe it's wishful thinking.

lower left leg didn't hurt at all today (yea!) but PF still in full swing.

wc 7-1

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