Monday, April 17, 2006

Schedule update -- Rest

I realized awhile ago that I goofed when I plotted out my schedule before. I had week 6 as the peak instead of week 5 because I didn't think that the end of week 6 was only 2 weeks before the marathon. As a result, I peaked with last week's 61 miles and 23-mile long run. My Pfitz 55 mpw program had the the last 3 weeks as 33 miles + 8-10K race, 39 miles, and 22 + marathon.

This week I'll run 6 on Tuesday, 10 on Wednesday, and 18 on Sunday. That's 36, so I guess I'll add in a couple of 5-6 mile days on Thursday and Friday to make it 46-48. I could make one a rest day, but given they're all easy miles, I'm not sure it would help me. The next week I'll do about 40 with two rest days and the last week will be about 20 + the marathon.

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