Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Recovery 7 miles

Today's training: 6.63 miles, 1:12:58 (11:00 min/mi), 136 bpm avg/148 max/0:00 above 150

I ran on a hotel treadmill. Things went a lot better than yesterday. I started out very slow and increase the pace a little each mile.

miletreadmill pace (min/mi)footpood pace (min/mi)avg heart rate (bpm)

The graph above also shows the staircase and points out a couple of things I don't like about STraM. I can't really read off the graph my pace. What is the minor tick separation? If I put the cursor over a point it doesn't help much either because it only has a 1 min/mi resolution!

Note the difference between the foot pod and treadmill. The foot pod said I ran 6.63 miles while the treadmill said 7. This makes me feel better about yesterday. Adjusting by this factor would be 12.72 in 2:11:45 or 10:21 min/mi versus 11:05! 10:21 pace with a 144 bpm average is OK considering the heat. I'll run my regular route Friday and recalibrate the foot pod based on that.

Today's pace based on the treadmill distance (instead of the foot pod) is 10:25 min/mi at 136 bpm, which is actually very good for me. I ran with no incline and there's no wind resistance though.

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