Thursday, April 13, 2006

ran into work -- recovery 10 miles

today's training: 10.45 miles, home to work, 1:50:46 (10:36 min/mi), 143 bpm avg/166 max/7:20 above 150

The footpod died again after a couple of miles. The distance above is based on the last run.

My heart rate/pace wasn't as good as last time, but who knows why. It was about 20 degrees warmer I think, I got home from traveling at 9:30 last night and slept about 6 hours before getting up at 5:10am, and I had a long stop at a light (almost 3 minutes) early on. My high max is from running to make a light later.
  • 1:50:24 avg 144/159 max/10:30 above 150
  • 1:49:53, avg 144/160 max/10:40 above 150
  • 1:49:05, avg 141/156 max/4:10 above 150
  • 1:50:46, avg 143/166 max/7:20 above 150.
It looks like the 2-3 x run to work on my schedule is going to be 2. Close enough. Need to get my base up so I can run in everyday :-)

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