Thursday, April 20, 2006

Improvement only from weight loss? -- Rest

Today's training: Rest

My hamstring was a little strained yesterday and I walked around work with a noticeable limp (someone noticed), so rest seemed in order for today.

Improvement only from weight loss?

My 10 mile time in April 2005 at my first race was 1:24:49. I believe I weighed about 180 then (I know I weighed 187 on 1 January 2005.) At 168, I ran 1:19:25 in April 2006. According to Bob Glover's Competitive Runner's Handbook, "In general, for every 1 percent rediction in total body weight, there is a 1 percent increase in running speed capacity." 1:24:49 * 168/180 = 1:19:10. So after a year of work, where I've more than doubled my weekly mileage, my weight loss more than accounts for my running speed? This is very depressing.

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