Wednesday, April 19, 2006

ran into work -- Recovery 10 miles

Today's training: 10.45 miles, home to work, 1:48:54 (10:25 min/mi), avg 142/max 164/4:20 over 150

I changed the battery and gave the foot pod one last chance. It died yet again. I need to figure out who to send it to for warranty repair. The mileage above is based on the last time it worked and I believe is quite close -- +/- .1 at the most.

Again, the high max was rushing to beat a light. When I finished, I thought it was probably my best pace/heart rate, but it's not any better (maybe worse) than number 3.

I managed to strain my hamstring a little during this. One of the downsides of running into work is that if you tweak something 6 miles in, you can't cut it short.

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