Friday, April 14, 2006

Recovery 6 miles

Today's training: 5.86 miles, nbhrd loop, 59:04 (10:05 min/mi), 140 bpm avg/152 max/1:10 above 150.

The foot pod stopped working again. The distance is 2x the normal 3-mile loop though (2x 2.93 miles). I decided to tack on a mile for variety.

My pace/heart rate was good compared to other recovery runs. I was at 49:17 through 5 miles and my average heart rate to that point should still be about 140 (heart rate in the last mile was 142). So here's the recent 5-mile recovery runs (plus the first five of this one): 48:26/142, 50:14/144, 49:11/142, 51:12/139, 51:19/141, 51:34/139, 49:17/140. This looks like one of the better results (if not the best). I wonder if Tuesday's semi-tempo run helped?

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