Tuesday, April 11, 2006

medium long run 12 miles

Today's training: 11.8 miles, sidewalks near hotel, 1:58:42 (10:05 min/mi), avg 149 bpm/max 170

After a day of meetings, it was good to go for a run. Found about a two-mile stretch of sidewalk and did 3 out and backs. The weather was windy but warm (68 degrees). Luckily the foot pod held out.

I ran the first out and backs and less than 150 bpm and found it tough to keep it low and keep a decent pace. I decided to invoke Greg's first law of running: don't attribute to fitness that which can be blamed on hills.

All this slow stuff was getting boring and I talked myself into a tempo run up the hill. I welcomed the stop light and pulled back from the pace (around 8:10 min/mi) after a few minutes. I kept up a decent speed for the two miles out and then trotted home. I couldn't seem to slow enough to get my heart rate back down on the way back so I stopped trying. Pace heart rates for the segments were
  • out and back, 143 bpm/10:28 min/mi
  • out and back, 144/10:23
  • out 161/8:44, back 159/9:51

I'm not sure of the exact distance since the footpod called the first two out and back 3.91 and 3.93, but the third was 3.99 miles. The pace of the first two is probably closest to how I calibrated it.

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