Sunday, December 31, 2006

5K race -- year in review

Did a New Year's Eve 5K race today. Based on my half marathon, the mcmillan calculator said I should have run 21:28 (6:54 min/mi) for 5K, so my goal was 7 min miles. I figured that was ambitious enough since I've never run even 400 meters at that pace. The half marathon, however, was very hilly. This was definitely not a flat 5K, but not as bad as the half marathon, so under 21:28 was possible. Anyway, I ran 21:15 and am very pleased. 188 bpm average.

  • warmup: 14:37/138 -- high heart rate. Probably the old fight of flight race anticipation. I'm calling this 1.4 miles
  • 6:43/180 -- lined up too far back and felt like I was dodging traffic, but in retrospect I went out a hair fast anyway
  • 6:58/191 -- a little uphill, but I think I probably relaxed too much here
  • 6:49/190 -- should have pushed a little harder. heart rate should be in the 192-193 range
  • 0:43/195
  • cooldown: ran at home on the treadmill for 20:00/146. Said I ran something like 1.7 miles (11:46 min/mi). This thing can't be right, can it? I calibrated it though and if anything its displayed pace is actually generous. I'll have to try and calibrate again.

57.8 miles (time 9:01, which is a speedy for me 9:22 min/mi pace)
wr9-1: 241 + 43: 284
wc7-3: 300 + 15: 315

The year in review

Jan 1st through June 30th: 1138 miles in 196 hours, 43 minutes (10:22 min/mi)
July 1st through December 31st: 1451 miles in 246 hours, 52 minutes (10:12 min/mi)
Overall: 2589 miles, 443hrs 35mins, 10:17 min/mi

I should go out and run 11 miles so I can get to 2600 and a 50 mpw average!

The fun thing about being a new runner is being on the steep part of the upward curve. I PR'd every race I ran except one this year.

Feb 10K: 47:21 (PR)
Mar Marathon: 4:16:56 (PR)
Apr 10M: 1:19:25 (PR)
May Marathon: 3:59:56 (PR)
July 8K: 39:05 (first 8K, slower the 5M PR)
Aug 10M: 1:18:33 (PR)
Oct Half Marathon: 1:40:02 (PR - first half marathon)
Oct Marathon: 3:56:14 (PR)
Nov Marathon: 3:43:16 (PR)
Dec Half Marathon: 1:39:12 (PR)
Dec 5K: 21:15 (PR - first 5K)

Next stop is Disney next weekend for the Goofy challenge. Then some rest. Between MCM and Disney I'll have done (should I survive) 3 marathons, two halfs, and a 5K in 10 weeks.

I'll have to think about some 2007 goals after that.

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