Sunday, December 03, 2006

18 miles

New route today: out to SR (new path cutting through school), path from SR to lake B, around lake B, and back via the same route. 17.86 miles, 2:54:26/142 (9:46 min/mi)

Didn't feel my calf thingy at all until 90 minutes in. Maybe I should have kept my runs less than 90 minutes for a couple of weeks and then it would have gone away? Oh well, it still seems headed in the right direction. I can feel it as I walk around tonight but just barely.

This was a very strange run today. I used the "cruise control" podrunner podcast which is at 175 bpm to try and increase my stride rate. I think I should have tried something a little slower first, but I eventually got the hang of it. I couldn't pick my feet off the ground very much and ran rather straight legged, which I don't think is good. Anyway, my heart rate got into the 140's and I decided to stay there, turning off my alarm and running in the low- to mid-140s rather than strictly below 145. I figured by running near 145 early on, I'd see a bigger rise in heart rate and get into the 150 and 160s to maintain pace. But I didn't. I stayed around 145 on the way home. I went well over going up the monster hills, but when I got on level ground, I was back to 145.
  • 52:44/133; 5.27 miles (10:00 min/mi) - Out to SR. (google earth'd distance)
  • 13:07/141; 1.36 miles (9:39) - path from SR to lake B
  • 44:08/143; 4.6 miles (9:36) - once around lake B. This had to be one of my "fastest" laps in a long time.
  • 13:03/145; 1.36 miles (9:36) - path from lake B to SR
  • 51:22/147; 5.27 miles (9:45) - back from SR

Running out my door like this saves a good bit of time. I save about 30 minutes not driving to lake B and back. Plus I didn't stop to buy ice on the way back. I just used the cold water from the tap. Since it was 30 degs this morning, it was cold enough. I also don't spend as much time assembling stuff to go and making sure I have everything. I just put on my stuff and go out the door.

The route has some nice features. It feels psychologically easier to do an out and back to me than to do loops. I also go by my tenth-mile track at the end. This would be a very nice way to tack on some measure marathon pace runs (or whatever) to see what kind of shape I'm in after running. Like 20 laps around at 160 bpm. I could also do a neighborhoop loop to get over 20.


44 miles
wc7-2: 390 + 0 = 390
wc7-3: 214 + 26 = 240
wr9-1: 135 + 18 = 153

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