Friday, December 22, 2006

9 miles

At parents for Christmas. out to 1 mile loop, four times around 1 mile loop, and back.

I ran with the footpod to calibrate it. I set the calibration to 1.000 (from 1.017) before heading out. It was way off on the way out (1.87 I think), then the four laps around were .89, .90, .94, .95, and then coming back was 2.24 I believe. The footpod always seem to read way high when I first put it on a pair of shoes and then it settles in over a couple of runs. Anyway, I set the cal factor to 1/.95 = 1.053 for the next run. Using the factor, I'd call this run 2*(2.24*1.053) + 4 = 8.7. It took a little under 1:27, so that's right on 10 min/mi pace which seems right. Each lap around the 1 mile track was about 9:50.


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