Saturday, December 23, 2006

18 miles

At parents. Tooled around neighborhood streets until watch read 9.49 miles. Pit stopped at the house and headed out to the 1-mile loop. Did 4 around and then headed back. The watch read 1.01 miles for each lap. At the end it read 18.29 total. Adjusting for the 1% error and the miles to km conversion error in the watch s/w, gives 18.29*1600/(1.01*1609.3) = 18.00. Total time was 2:59:00, so again a little under 10 min/mi. I started out extremely slow for the first 30 minutes though before I put on the podrunner 175 bpm podcast. The laps around the one mile loop were between 9:15 and 9:25 and my heart rate got up in the 150's hitting 160 at the top of the steep hill. Very nice run.


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