Monday, January 01, 2007

6 miles

treadmill, 6.0 miles/141 (10:29 min/mi)

I unjustifiably maligned the treadmill a little yesterday. My heart rate and pace were more reasonable today, but still not at all good.

I ran with the footpod to check the treadmill. The footpod is miscalibrated but I know by how much. (It showed 1.01 miles on the 1 mile loop at my parents with the current calibration factor and I'm pretty sure the loop is accurate since checking it with gmap-pedometer gave 0.993.) Anyway on the treadmill today I got 6.18 miles on the footpod and 6.00 miles on the treadmill. Adjusting for the 1% footpod error, the treadmill distance would be about 2% lower than the adjusted (6.18/1.01) footpod distance. The calibration I did with the measuring tape and counting rpms said it was the treadmill was reading 2% high. I would think the tape measurer should be accurate, but there wasn't a person running on it, so that might have an effect. It's academic anyway since I'm not going to bother adjusting and I'll just write down what the treadmill shows.

My legs felt absolutely fine today after yesterday's 5K. This is a good sign since I hope to run some Sat 5K's and Sun long runs.


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