Saturday, December 30, 2006

15 miles

lake b bathrooms out and back, 14.79 miles, 2:21:27/146 (9:34 min/mi)

This is a semi-new route. Excuse the anal measuring. 5.27 miles out to SR, 1.36 miles on path from SR to lake B. The new part is an out and back to the bathroom. I found a trail description that says the bathrooms are 60 yards short of .8 miles so the out and back is 2*(.8 - 60*3/5280) = 1.53 miles. Then 1.36 and 5.27 back. Total is 14.79. Well now I know. Sorry you had to see that.

I broke the string of good running days. My heart rate was kind of high from the beginning for the pace. I kept the pace rather than resort to a slog since I've been working on my cadence (I ran with djsteveboy's "cruise control" podcast playing at 175 bpm). Slower than that and my ridiculously short stride gets somewhere worse than ridiculous. I blame the bad day on 10.5 hours in the car yesterday and lack of sleep. Kids sleep in the car and don't go to sleep until midnight. I still woke up at 6:30 though.

I noticed at my parent that my heart rate before I went out the door was about 5 bpm lower than normal (52 versus 57). Maybe this is what sleep does for you?

New year's eve 5K tomorrow. Should be interesting. I've never run a 5K. Based on my half I should theoretically be able to run just under 7 min/mi. That seems inconceivable though since I've never run a 7 minute mile. The fastest mile I've ever run was a 7:07 down a *very* steep downhill during the half marathon (8:41 back up that sucker). The team oregon wizard says my average hr should be 196 for a 5K. Ouch!


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