Friday, December 15, 2006

8 miles

out, around lake a, and back.

Did more gallowalking today. Same method as before. I still have lots of sore places, especially my left foot. My heart rate was much lower today though. I looked down and was surprised to see it at 130 or so at the bottom of hills. My average heart rate was only 134. I was slow (10:24 min/mi) but not horrifically slow for such a low heart rate. I think I've recovered my endurance. Seems like Friday is the day that usually happens.

I didn't mention it, but yesterday I weighed 168, which is 5 pounds more than Sunday. This is the third time I've seen this. The last two marathons and this half marathon, I was 163 on race day and 168 four days later. Today I was 165 and I'll bet I'm back to 163 on Sunday as happened the previous times.

Got my results postcard from the half. Overall: 66 of 328, men: 55 of 212; M35-39: 5 of 27. Not too bad, especially for a club race. I used to hope for top half at a club race like this. Seems like I'm usually top 25% for half marathon and shorter, but still halfway for the marathon.

Calibrated the new treadmill today. Belt lenghth is 10 feet 4 and 3/16 inches or 10.35 feet. Set to 7 mph. First run: 50 revolutions in 47.9 seconds. Second run: 50 revolutions in 47.9 seconds. Third run: 50 revolution in 48.0 seconds. (5280*47.9) /10.35*3600= 6.79 mph. Hey, that's not I was looking for! I set it 8 mph (7:30 pace) yesterday for a minute. I could hardly keep up and couldn't understand since I ran a half marathon at that pace, so I thought for sure the treadmill was off. It is off(by 3%) but the wrong way! Not sure what's going on.


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