Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Recovery 6 miles

Today's training: 5.86 miles, nbrhd loop, 58:15 (9:56 min/mi), avg 138 bpm/152 max/1:00 over 150

I broke 10:00 min/mi at less than 140 bpm! I consider this something of a milestone and it continues the recent good trend of good pace/heart rate. It was very cool this morning (48 degrees) and I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, so that probably helped.

Through 5 miles (really 4.9) my average hr was 137 and time was 48:37. Here it is with my previous recovery runs: 48:26/142, 50:14/144, 49:11/142, 51:12/139, 51:19/141, 51:34/139, 49:17/140, 49:43/138, 49:26/141, 49:46/135, 48:37/137. We'll see what happens tomorrow but it seems like I've turned a corner.

Before the run, I readjusted the T6 calibration factor yet again. It was 1.098. Given my last run, I made it 1.098*13.05/13.82 = 1.037. This gave me a distance of 5.78 miles. I'm not sure which to believe for the distance of my course -- the calibrated footpod or google earth/gmap. I believe the latter, especially since the footpod has closely agreed with 5.86 in the past. I think it takes a few weeks with new shoes for things to settle down.

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