Thursday, May 11, 2006

5 miles -- Low heart rate training

Today's training: 4.90 miles, nbhrd loop, 51:24 (10:42 min/mi), avg 134 bpm/max 146/0:40 above 145

splits: 10:46/123, 10:41/132, 10:32/135 (I hit the mark for this maybe 15 seconds late), 9:57/137, 10:26/139

After dying in the marathon a couple of miles in, the foot pod lasted today and gave a spot on 4.90 miles. I really need to get this thing fixed, but I'm not sure exactly how (do I call suunto or jomashop?).

I'm not sure there's anything to it, but I'm giving the Maffetone low heart rate training a chance. After two marathons and a 10-mile race in 8 weeks, I should probably give it a rest anyway. I've already been doing all easy running (<150 bpm) except for long runs and races anyway. I turned the upper monitor limit down to 145 today and plan to leave it there for as long as I can stand. I'm running below 140 most of the time and letting it get to 145 up hills and at the end of long runs.

I've developed what I'm pretty sure is plantar fasciitis in my left foot. I thought the three days off really helped until I stood in my loafers for 1:45 on a linoleum cafeteria floor during a cub scout meeting. I think doing long runs on the asphault bike path instead of my usual gravel/dirt lake trail hurt. I'm going back to the lake on long runs and am looking for an alternative to my neighborhood loop during the week.

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