Friday, May 12, 2006

5 miles

Today's training: 4.90 miles, nbrhd loop, 50:26 (10:19 min/mi), avg 136 bpm/max 149/1:00 above 145

T6 was right on again today. It gave 4.89 miles.

Today's run isn't quite comparable to yesterday. I forgot to walk down "knee break hill," which probably costs 20 secs difference.

10:25/128, 10:18/134, 9:58/136, 9:40/137, 10:03/140

The time above 145 is probably a little high. I usually back off before I see it tick over and it's not above 145 for 10 seconds when it beeps, but because the resolution is set for 10 secs, it gets counted as 10 seconds for each beep.

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