Friday, May 05, 2006

Recovery 5 miles

Today's training: 4.90 miles, nbhrd loop, 49:50 (10:10 min/mi), avg 140 bpm/max 153/1:00 over 150

Bad last runs before a marathon are becoming a tradition. This wasn't terrible but it's definitely a step back from earlier this week. It was considerably warmer though (66 degs at 6am compared to maybe the 40's). and I also haven't had a lot of sleep all week (less than 6 hours each of the last three nights). I'm really in bad shape on the sleep front since know I won't get much on Saturday. I thought about sleeping in today, but I woke up before my 5:30 alarm anyway, so I ran.

On a very bright note, the forecast is looking excellent for Sunday. The race starts at 7am and I (hopefully) will finish around 11am. The weather service predicts 50 deg/50% humidity at 8am and 60 deg/29% at 11am!

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