Sunday, May 14, 2006

9 miles

Today's training: 9.2 miles, 2 lake loops, 1:35:34 (10:23 min/mi), avg 138/max 147/2:10 above 145
Splits: 48:04/135, 47:30/141
Week's mileage: 26 miles

This felt a little harder than I think it should have on the second lap. Am I tired from last week? I'm not sure.

140 feels like about the heart rate where running starts to feel like work. Breathing picks up there and I can't quite use 5-5 breathing for an extended period of time. One trick I used to keep me from hitting 145 on the uphills was to use 5-5 breathing. This seemed to work pretty well.

Foot pod died yet again.

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