Wednesday, July 26, 2006

9 miles

I was travelling and got up at 5am to get my run in before the meeting. I found a good route. 2 miles to a path that runs parallel to some train tracks. Unfortunately it's concrete, but you can go for miles with worrying about crossing streets, etc. It's also pretty flat. The hill(s) is getting there. Weather was good but not great. Cool at 66 degrees but humid with a 63 deg dew point.

I finally broke 10 minute miles while under MAF! My garmin read 9.05 miles for 1:29:43, which is 9:55 min/mi. Google earth gives 9.00 for the route, so I'm still under at 9:58 min/mi. Heart rate was 139 bpm average. The fact it was flat let me run close to MAF for much of the run, which probably contributed to my better pace.

I screwed up and hit the garmin at the start, but forgot to hit the t6 until about 10 minutes in, so I need to compensate in STraM. (Watch recorded 1:20:19.) I'll prorate mileage in STraM and add a manual entry for the first 9:24.

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