Sunday, July 23, 2006

18 miles

I realized that as of today I'm only 14 weeks to go for the marathon, so I need to stop messing around on my long runs. I've been ground to a halt after about 14 miles when trying to stay under 145 bpm. I went back to my old method of starting slow for the first lapand then trying to maintain pace, adjusting heart rate as needed. It was basically like my Pfitzinger long runs and I had the alarm set to 166 bpm for the last couple of miles. My splits for each lap (4.6 miles) were 50:23/132, 48:57/137, 49:45/146, 49:55/168. I'm surprised how much my heart rate rose for the last lap. As is my tradition, I think I did the second lap too fast.

The weather was exceptionally good this morning and stayed that way throughout the run. Very cool, but still humid. 68/66 at the start and 71/67 at the finish.

I tried something new. Yesterday my knee was bothering me at about 1 mile, so I stopped to stretch. I felt so much better, I thought I'd do it again today. About 11 minutes in, I stopped to stretch at a bench and then repeated each lap except the last.

That makes 58 miles this week. All on my WC7-1. Need to keep better track. I think I have 142 miles on them now.

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