Sunday, July 30, 2006

18 miles

It was supposed to be a warm one today so I got out early for my long run. Same deal as last week. Start slow ~50 min/lap, low 130's HR and keep it slow and low. I also stopped to stretch for probably 4-5 minutes each lap again. I think this has really improved my flexibility and I really told believe it's hurting the value of my long runs. I got a little rambunctious on the last lap, got tired of the beeping and upped the max hr to 170 instead of 166. I'll blame it on the heat.

18.4 miles, 3:17:37 (10:44 min/mi), 142 bpm average

On the week, 57 miles, 9:59:52 (need to run 8 more seconds!)

WC7-1 shoes now at 199 miles.

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